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How are common spaces for leisure and sport managed in the Neighborhood Communities?

Currently, the world of housing has changed, as we now live in urbanizations that offer leisure spaces to their neighbors, tracks of different types of sports (paddle, basketball), swimming pools, barbecue areas, rooms for birthday celebrations, etc.
This implies that in one way or another we must control the use of these facilities by neighbors. This is controlled by rules that must have been approved by the community.
The conflicts over the use of these spaces between neighbors is well known by those who live in these urbanizations. The normal thing is that the control of those one takes by the gardener or some auxiliary of the urbanization, that is to say, it is a management that must be face-to-face on the part of the neighbor and in time of the employee of the urbanization. That this management is online - that's why Bahiactivity was born - makes everything much more comfortable for the neighbor, as well as freeing employees from the community from a task and solving possible conflicts between all parties. Bahíasol innovates in the sector of service and maintenance companies to communities creating a loyalty system completely free for their communities.